Tuesday 29 July 2008

Lost in Translation

I was in a cafe the other day and a group of tourists from France came in, excitedly. I wouldn't have described the cafe as something of Parisian quality (although I'm sure there are some bad cafes in Paris), but the group felt it worthy of taking a photo nonetheless.

One lady took charge, ordered the other half dozen or so women to move chairs, get from behind menus and freeze in a suitable pose.

I don't know an awful lot of French, but I've remembered a few words here and there (un café s'il vous plait). So I smiled when I heard the photographer's request:

"Dites le fromage!"

I think the meaning behind the phrase got somewhat lost along the way.


Ali said...

Ah yes. This reminds me of a time at a rugby match in Paris when the Ulster faithful began a chant of:

Nous somme les champignon!

Keep us in the dark and feed us horse manure ;-)

Cosmo said...

Didn't I just say the other day that I don't like mushrooms!

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