Friday 4 July 2008


I've often wondered why lattes are sometimes served in a glass, rather than a traditional mug or cup. Today I think I found out the potential of why.

This evening I made my self-promised return to Rotana Cafe for a latte and some baklava. I was not disappointed.

Maybe it was because, when I arrived, I was the only person in the cafe that the server took such care with my drink - or maybe she treats each act of service the same way. No matter, what was presented to me was a picture. Sitting at the western facing window with the evening sun warming the view, and being in no particular rush, I took the time to take admire this act of micro-art:

The latte, served in a clear glass, was comprised of three tones of brown. At the bottom was a creamy coffee colour followed above by a wide band the colour of caramel. The top layer looked like it was a rich, hot chocolate the dark shade of which contrasted against the cap of foam - a clean, pure white head of froth. And then - the piece de resistance - a single espresso bean decorated the top.

I watched the bean as it slowly...slowly...very slowly sank through its foam bed and was baptised into the essence of its own becoming.



jené said...

I work across from a coffee shop and sometimes when it is time to head home rather than face the never ending traffic which is Houston, TX. I will step across and settle in with a good book and a cup of tea to pass the time. (Sorry, can't abide coffee) More times than not I never get to my book and find myself people watching instead. I find myself making new friends as we compare notes on the coffee vs tea debate. This is why I love coffee shops.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jene your my kinda of woman - tea - nosey - gossip what more is there in life? and it's certainly not coffee!!

Cosmo said...

Hi Jené,

Thanks for stoping by and saying hello! A coffee shop is always a good place for people watching, especially if you can get a window seat. It's the reason I started this blog in the first place!


I don't think 'Views from a Tea Room' would work for me. A little too quaint.

Ali said...

Way-hey! Tea-drinkers are taking over the world ... at last!

Better watch out Cosmo ;-)

tina said...

I went to Rotana Cafe after reading your post the other day - great falafel! Thanks for blogging about it.

Cosmo said...

Hi tina!

Thanks for visiting the coffeehouse. It's always nice to have someone new show up - and from Dublin!

Yeah, the falafel at Rotana is nice, although it could do with being a touch spicier.

You have a great blog blog by the way. Judging by the photos you must live nearby. My "local" is Moda.

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