Wednesday 23 July 2008

Pray As You Go

It might be that you like to take a few minutes quiet out of your day to spend some time in reflection or reading or praying. To help and encourage me in my faith journey I think this aspect is important. However, (as I've said before) I'm not very good at keeping the discipline.

I wish I was one of those people who could get up at day break, make a pot of coffee and retreat to a room in the house where you spend some time with God. But I'm not, so I'm always looking for fresh ways to make this connection.

I have come across Pray As You Go which is a site run by the British Jesuits. It's a ten minute or so daily podcast (Mon-Fri) that includes a piece of music, a Bible reading, a thought and some space for private prayer. It's a contemplative way of connection with God which you can do sitting at your computer, or put it on you mp3 player and take it with you! I subscribe through itunes (you don't need an ipod) which makes it easy to have ready when I want it.

Today's (23rd July) piece of music is particularly beautiful. Maybe you would find the site helpful too?


N said...

I may just check that out!

I finally started that blog I said I would all the posts ago.
I hope I manage to update it regularly.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Marcus - I use the Celtic Prayer too and folk from the Northumbria Community led worship sessions at Spring Harvest this year, which I found helpful. I will also try the site you mentioned.

I am in a state of shock at the moment - Karl came home yesterday and said he had developed a taste for coffee - all I can say is "Where did I go wrong?"

Cosmo said...


Do check it out some time. Don't feel the pressure of getting to it every day - just dip in from time to time. See what you think.

I'm so glad you've started blogging. I think it will be fun to read.


There are a fair share of parents who have recieved shocking news from their child about new directions they have taken in their life. If, for Karl, it is a taste for coffee, I think you're going to be ok. However, tell tale signs of a problem are when you find paraphenalia lying around: used coffee filters, empty bags of coffee beans, a sudden disregard for instant coffee, cups that only get a quick rinse instead of a full wash in order to facilitate the next drink, a money box with the words 'Espresso Machine' written on the side....hang on, I think I might be talking about me!

Anonymous said...

I've learnt over the years that alot of things are a passing phase.. so here's hoping :) but I shall not discourage him in his chosen way of life - I got down from the top of the fridge the coffe percolator, cleaned it up so that he could brew (do not know the correct terminology) his coffee - Jaccs coffee caramel fudge twist and Jaccs coffee english toffee cream...

RJ said...

I loved this site and added to use... I, too, am not a dedicated, get up early and pray/meditate kind of guy. So this will be a lovely way to "pray always." Many thanks.

Cosmo said...

I hope it's helpful to you, RJ.

jsi said...

Thanks Marcus

It is a terrific podcast - and I love the music choices they have made already.

Very classical. Very orthodox. Very complete. Very filling.

I love the readings and how they follow the Lectionery and the Book of Common Prayer.

Thank you for the reference. I don't have an ipod by I do have a Palm Pilot and transfer any mp3 files to my memory card and listen.

Cosmo said...


I also like the way they do the Gloria Patri at the end. It invites you to join in.

Anonymous said...

I do love your new header photo Marcus