Tuesday 24 February 2009

A Liturgical Treat

It has already been said that a cup of tea without a biscuit (cookie) is a wasted opportunity. I would agree. The same logic can be applied to a cup of coffee and I always like a little something with my latte - a chocolate brownie, a caramel slice, a blueberry muffin...you get the idea.

This evening, to go along with my home made latte (I'm getting better and better at making them!), I decided to create my own special treat. Today marked Shrove Tuesday otherwise known as Pancake Day. It signals the preparation for the Christian season of Lent and while most people are unlikely to be reflective and shriven today many of them will make pancakes. I tried both, but will refrain from making public confessions of sin here opting instead to tell you about the pancake I made.

I should point out to readers who may not be from Ireland or the UK that pancakes in this part of the world are a little different from the version in North America - delicious though those are! Here they are bigger and flatter. More like a French crepe. Anyway...

I decided to combine the bookends of this season with Shrove Tuesday (pancakes) and Easter Sunday (chocolate eggs). After making the pancake I served it up and placed a Cadbury's Creme Egg in the middle, rolled the pancake up, placed it back into the hot pan for a minute then applied pressure in the middle causing the egg to goo.

Oohhh mannnnnn. Unless you have good reason not to try this like giving up chocolate for Lent or you have an egg allergy (yes there is real egg in Creme Eggs - I've had an allergic kid vomit all over my house because I gave him one. He lived.) then you've got to try this.

If you've never made pancakes it's really simple. Jamie Oliver gave me this recipe:

1 cup of plain flour
1 cup of milk
1 egg (not chocolate egg!)

Mix it all together. Simple. Unwrapping a Creme Egg is even easier.

Let me know if you give it a go. I have a feeling I'll make more before this season is over.


Nicoley said...

Oh my goodness that sounds DELICIOUS. I will have to try that.

Even thinking about it makes me feel fat o.O

Ali said...

Oh how indulgent :-) I'll have one of those please.

Ok, two!

Anonymous said...

When you wrote about 'a cup of tea without a biscuit' it reminded me of another saying we read on a paper napkin in a restaurant in Los Angeles -
Apple Pie without some cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze!!

David said...

thanks for the reminder that Mardi Gras just passed. I share your feelings about Shrove Tuesday. I lived in New Orleans for ten years and I celebrated each year. But deep in the back of my mind, I always thought it the slightest bit crazy. Party hearty now and live like a saint tomorrow. Sounds kind of weird. Why not live well all the time? Hmm. Interesting concept. Thanks.

Pluto said...

Pancakes and Cadbury's Creme Eggs - an intereting combination. Cosmo, you're a man with imagination.

Cosmo said...


Sliced apple and cheese I've tried, but cheese and apple pie...how is that served? And wouldn't it just melt when you smother the pie in hot custard?


I'm hoping this weekend to make a pancake stuffed with a Wispa bar. The possibilities are endless!!