Wednesday 30 September 2009

After Hours

Too many cafes in Dublin close too early in the evening. That includes my latest favourite. However, the thing about having a cafe on the premises of an international hostel is that just because the coffee stops flowing doesn't mean the whole place closes down. Quite often people still stick around to chat or browse online. Sometimes someone decides to provide a little entertainment.

Usually the entertainment is some international traveller pulling out a guitar and singing a few songs...if you're lucky. If you're unlucky you might be there when the Bulgarian guy comes in, pushes the tables and chairs back, and starts performing Riverdance with the hope that spectators will join in.

But this evening was a bit different. A young American girl had just arrived in Ireland this morning and immediately jumped at the chance to perform an impromptu concert of her own songs.....on the ukulele! I couldn't help but stick around because I kind of like the sound of the ukulele - once you get past the comic value of the way the instrument looks. I find that there is something about its sound that even if playing a sad song in a minor key you still can't help smiling and tapping your feet.

The artists name was Milly Geronimo. You can check out her myspace page here. Have a listen to 'Heat me up' which is the first track on her wonderfully homemade EP that I bought.

Oh, and as it's the last day of September (ally-ally-o) that brings me to the end of my blogging challenge of posting everyday this month...except most weekends....and a couple of missed days. However those minor under-achievements meant that serendipitously - a word which is used in the song above - this is my 200th post on my blog. A cracking average of one post every 6 and a bit days. Hmmm, that's at least once a week I guess....

Here's to 200 more! But maybe not tomorrow as I tend to always wind up blogging way after hours.


Snot Head said...

That is very sweet that she had the courage to play her songs for strangers in another country. Its good there are people in the world to help promote her like you. I hope she is having the time of her life there. :)

Nancy Mon said...

I have enjoyed the month of Sept readidng your blog.

Cosmo said...

Thanks Nancy. Nice to see you around again!