Wednesday 26 July 2006

Curriculum Vitae

I'm doing a distance learning course for a BA in Theology. Because I don't have to attend classes at a college it means I can set up my classroom anywhere. This week was Starbucks (Harcourt). I'm currently studying about radical dissident groups within the early days of the Christian Church. It's quite interesting to read about how the established church labeled these groups heretics because they didn't always go about doing things the "way they should". It seems like within only a couple of hundred years after Christ, his followers moved from the free flowing and Spirit led example of Jesus to become something more like they way you would think of most churches today. Within only a couple of hundred years!!

Anyway, I was enjoying my Tall latte (Starbucks talk for regular) when a lady came into the store, nicely dressed and with a C.V. under her arm, and asked for the manager. It turned out she was there for a job interview. For a short time I toyed with the idea of lining up behind her. I think it might be fun to work there. From what I could gather - I was pretending to read, but actually eavesdropping (I must look up where that crazy word comes from) - pay starts at E8.75 p/h and the coffee is always free! That's way better than free Big Macs if you had to work at Mc D's.

I couldn't catch all the questions that were being asked from the official Starbucks book of questions for complimentary coffee drinker wannabes. Honestly, the manager had a little spiral bound book of questions to ask! I began to guess what the most important features would be in a Starbucks employee. (For a genuine answer click here) I boiled it down to two: Surely you must have to have a love of coffee (right?), and be able to get along with people - customers and staff. It would make the interview process much simpler and far quicker and do away with any nice little spiral bound books. Think about it. Is there any situation that could not ultimately be reduced to those two standards?

I returned to my own world and thought about being a follower of Jesus. What are the bare essentials? How do you take a sack of coffee beans like Christianity and reduce it to a clear cut standard with the kick of an esspreso? It turns out Christ did it already. When he was asked what was most important about his religion he said,

Love the Lord you God with all your heart, and all your soul, and all your strength...
(Then he adds a second standard)
...And love your neighbour like you love yourself.

Love God and love others. Think about it. Is there any situation that could not ultimately be reduced to these two standards? Could it be that simple? Could that be my 'Curriculum Vitae' - my 'Course of Life'? Or should I watch out for the heretic hunters?

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