Wednesday 19 July 2006

No more imports

Occasionally, when I'm at home, I like to brew for myself a pot of hazelnut flavour coffee - particularly on a Saturday morning with something nice for breakfast. Now I'm not talking about coffee with a dash of flavoured syrup - Yuk! I'm talking about coffee with flavour added to the bean during the roasting process.

I first had a hazelnut coffee at Lakeshore Coffeehouse (I loved that place) when I lived in Cleveland, USA. I remember thinking when I tasted it, this is what coffee should taste like. It's just a little sweeter with a lovely nutty taste. Mmmm, I may go and make some right now and it's only Wednesday.

The reason I ration myself is because you can't get hazelnut coffee around here. I either have to get my wife's family to send me packages and stock up when we're visiting the States.

But, today...! I found some. In a cafe in Clerys of all places, but that doesn't matter. I now know where to restock my supplies.

That's it then. I'm definitely off to put the coffee machine on.

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