Monday 10 July 2006

More coffee than this...

I don't want you to think that just because there are sometimes gaps in time between blogs that I don't actually drink much coffee.

On the contrary. There are times when I think of something coffee related to blog about, but don't actually get around to doing it! I know no one else would know that if I said, "I had a coffee today and..." when actually I'm talking about an experience three weeks ago, but I would know and I can't bring myself to do that. (Although, now that I think about it, you (if there is anyone out there) may not even read this until three weeks in the future so what difference would it make. Maybe I need to re-evaluate this policy).

However, there are also times when I have a regular latte, but don't find anything in particular to write about. Like today for instance. I had to go to a 'coordinating council' meeting at a place where I knew they would only serve instant coffee so I picked up a real coffee on the way to help me through the morning. The meeting was predictably boring, more or less. The occasional light moment, but nothing to write home about. Or on a blog.

I do feel suitably coordinated though.