Sunday 23 July 2006

Starting Young

This weekend we went out as a family to do some shopping. It's always a bit of a hassle to get out of the door with an (almost) two year old toddler and an (almost) three month old baby. But we managed it and upon arrival sought out the nearest coffee shop. It's always fun stopping for coffee with the kids in tow. The days of a relaxed cuppa with my wife are long gone. (But they will be back. Oh yes, they will be back). If you're the kind of person that gets annoyed with small children in a coffee shop then I appologise. There's a good chance we wont meet again so don't worry about it too much. Anyway, the cafe where we stopped positively encouraged the younger customer.

We ordered our drinks. A regular latte for me (of course), an Earl Grey tea for my wife (???), and what for my little girl? I scanned the menu.......... Yes, of course. A Babyccino.

Now before you get all up in arms about me caffeinating my toddler it's only steamed milk with chocolate powder sprinkled on the top. From a distance though it did look just like a cappuccino. I have to admit that I hoped other people in the coffee shop would be shocked, but I didn't see any disapproving glances or hear a single 'tut'. Actually, my daughter only had a couple of spoons of the froth and didn't seem to care for it. Never mind. The whole point of me ordering it was as an excuse to write something for my blog.

By the way, my same daughter currently thinks it is hilarious to hear the word, 'blog'. Even in her uncaffeinated state.


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