Wednesday 5 September 2007


As I ordered a cup of coffee this evening the barista at Starbucks said they would be closing in about 15 mins, but there was no rush and I could stay a while. It proved good advice.

I took a recently vacated seat next to a window. Outside was a small lane with a low wall allowing me a clear view across the wide street opposite the store. My gaze lifted up and became entranced for a moment by the scene in the sky.

I returned to my book and read half a page before putting it down again. The words would still be there later. The cloudscape wouldn't.

I don't know the scientific name for the clouds that had formed, but that didn't seem in the slightest bit important. They just stretched off into the distance with patches of brilliant blue revealed then hidden as the scene shifted miles above my head.

The clouds were expertly lit by The Director of Photography. This evening, he surely was painting with light. The shades in the pre-sunset sky seemed to call out, 'I'll give you one more show today if you stop and look.' The balance of light and shade brought out the full dimensions of the clouds with a warmth of colour that I don't know how to describe except a graceful splatter of rich, creamy vanilla ice cream. That yellow kind that they make in the quality dairies of Devon.


And then the light faded and it was gone. A unique piece of artwork. Just for me?

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