Saturday 15 September 2007


Every year The Salvation Army does a stint of collecting funds from the public to help run its social service work. Here in Dublin the money is raised for our four excellent homeless centers. We work together as a group to do collections in some shopping areas around greater Dublin. One of those areas is a lovely little town called Malahide just to the north of the city, an hour or so from were we live. Every year I go to Malahide I think to myself that I should come back again one day just to visit and enjoy one of their cafes.

Arriving in the town today I parked the car then made my way to the post where we usually stand. No other collectors were around so I searched a few streets, but to no avail. A quick phone call to one of the people organising the collecting revealed that I wasn't supposed to be there until next week!


I figured there was no point in jumping straight back in the car for another hour long drive across heavy traffic so I went in search of coffee. I soon noticed a new addition to the outlets of caffeine. Can you guess who it is?

Part of me thinks it is particularly sad to want to boast the claim of visiting all the Starbucks in Ireland - and yet I'm drawn in. (10 of 13 so far. Cork airport is going to prove a little tricky)

While I sat and enjoyed a latte and flick through the paper one of the staff was doing the rounds of the tables with a handful of umbrellas. It would seem that a number of people had left their brollys and hadn't returned to claim them so he was giving them away to whoever wanted them. Everyone said no. (Out of embarrassment? Afraid of where it's been? I'm sure some interesting sociological study could be done to explain people's reaction). Anyway, the guy finally got to me and I said I'd take them for our homeless centres thereby justifying my premature trip to Malahide.

Another opportunity to try a different cafe next week!


Chemical said...

I thought you should know, I had coffee yesterday at Starbucks in the Junction One outlet centre at Antrim.

I recommend that if you ever feel the need to visit this branch you take a full set of thermal underwear - why do shops in Ireland have air conditioning??

Cosmo said...

Starbucks at Junction 1 was one of the first, if not the first, Starbucks on this island. I visited it a couple of years ago and was excited to find out from staff that they were soon to come to Dublin.

As far as I can tell there are six stores in NI so really I should add them to my list of Starbucks to visit in Ireland.

Drinking coffee in a cross-border project as my part in the peace proccess!

Speaking of all Ireland projects, Chemical, I wonder if a couple more Ulstermen could have helped a questionable rugby performance by the boys in green tonight?

Chemical said...

Well, now you've asked ;-)

I'm very disappointed Neil Best didn't get to play either game so far. He's a real grafter and makes quite an impact up front. He's the type of guy who can make a difference.

It's a shame Andrew Trimble wasn't fit, he's a great player and can play equally well on the wing or at centre. I have a lot of respect for Hickie, but he's spilt more balls than he's caught so far this world cup. And D'Arcy hasn't exactly been spectacular ... It'll be interesting to see what happens if Trimble's passed fit for the French game. (BTW Trimble has a great testimony)

Sorry you asked yet??

Rory Best had a better game, but I see he's injured and ruled out against France.

The rest of the Ulstermen have a fight on their hands for their places, which is probably about right. The only one I would be concerned about actually getting a game is poor Paddy Wallace. With the greatest of respect to a loyal servant of the Ulster Squad, if O'Gara gets hurt, we need to get David Humphreys on the first available flight to France!

As an aside, if you ever feel the need to see the Ulstermen playing on their home turf, I'll stand you a coffee from the beer tent!

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