Friday 21 September 2007

Return to Malahide

I went back to Malahide today to do the street collecting on the right day this time.

Last week when I wasn't meant to be there the sun was shining and someone gave me three umbrellas. This week when I was meant to be there....

Anyway, I took a coffee break in an independent cafe and sat at a table outside. My latte was nicely presented in a tall glass cup with a handle (I don't like it when they put coffee in a glass that could otherwise be used for a coke. Unless of course they do that fancy thing of tying a serviette around the glass so you don't burn your fingers). Unfortunately it wasn't very tasty.

However, there did seem to be a tasty bit of gossip going on at the table next to me. Complaining about someone and how they work. Or something like that. I couldn't quite make out everything they were saying and I think pushing my coffee away then leaning to the other side of the table to reach it was starting to look obvious. I left them to it safe in the knowledge that they probably were not talking about me.

So here's an ethical/moral/spiritual question: If it is wrong to gossip about someone, is it just as wrong to listen to it even if you don't know any of the people involved? (And, um, is it wrong to listen in to someone in a public place anyway?)


Chemical said...

Need some expert advice Cosmo.

I'm travelling through Dublin Airport this week and need to know the best outlet for coffee at same!

Cosmo said...

I'll look into it and get back to you!