Tuesday 4 November 2008

I know that look!

As the coffeehouse got busier this evening another couple sat in my section of the room. They were a bit different from the other couple. I could tell that straight away. Despite the fact that they were sitting on a love seat she was giving him the cold shoulder while he ate his caramel ice cream. Her arms were cross and her gaze was slightly downward, staring at nothing in particular.

He gave her a little playful nudge on her knee to which she responds by slowly turning towards him, and if looks could kill...

Ohhh, I feel for you, man.

I wanted to go over and ask if everything was okay, but because I has become quite good at ignoring a need this evening I decided to leave them be. Instead I said a quick prayer for them both and within a few minutes they were smiling at each other. They even shared some cake.

I felt much better.

It made me think of a friend (and boss) of mine who gave me some wise counsel before I got married regarding falling out with your partner from time to time. The reality is that couples will have arguments that hurt, but it's the kissing and making up that is fun.

I think these two could take some practical advice on how to do this from the other couple sitting across from them (who had by now managed to track down a chess set and were actually playing!)

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