Sunday 23 November 2008

True to its name

Travelling to see the in-laws meant a flight to Chicago, rent a car and drive for about five hours. There are closer airports, but it would have meant changing planes and we wanted to keep that kind of hassle to a minimum with our kids - plus it means an excuse for a couple of days in Chicago on the way home.

We decided to break the drive up with a stop at a motel in the middle of Indiana. By the time we arrived it was about 8pm local time, but it felt like 2:00am. Of course, this didn't stop me from going out for a cup of coffee once the kids were settled.

The place where we stayed didn't have much going for it, but I couldn't resist heading across to the 'Iron Skillet' - a dinner connected with a gas station. The first thing I noticed was that it was a smoking restaurant with a small area reserved for those of us who were a little more picky.

I chose to sit in a booth, but what I really wanted to do was sit with the truckers on stools at the counter. However, I noticed that there were a couple of things missing that would make it obvious that I was a fake - a well worn cap, an abundance of hair. Oh and a truck.

Within seconds of sitting down my waitress came and asked if I'd like something to drink. I ordered coffee and it soon arrived. A classic diner cup with a rounded rim and a slight curve to the body. It was accompanied by my own pot of coffee for me to refill as I pleased - God bless America!

Of course, I couldn't just order a coffee. I needed something with it. So, although it was now pressing on for 3:00am for me I ordered a plate of blueberry pancakes and watched ESPN while I waited. Soon enough my order arrived: pancakes and crispy bacon, little tubs of whipped butter and a small jug of warmed syrup all served on - what else? - an iron skillet. Brilliant.

On my way out I noticed that they were doing a Thanksgiving special on Thursday, but while I was intrigued with the thought of turkey, sweet potatoes and corn served up on a skillet I think enjoying it with family will be far better.


jsi said...

A very vivid picture you have created - I can literally smell the bacon now!

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