Tuesday 4 November 2008

Playing the Game

It was a quiet evening when I arrived at my local coffeehouse tonight and the area where I sat, with six small sofas and about a dozen cube-seats, was only occupied by a young couple, early twenties I'd say.

They started to kiss.

Now when I say kiss I mean they were really going for it the way that young lovers do when they don't give a stuff who else is around. Look, I'm no stranger to seeing people kiss in public, but wow, this was something else. He was really making a move on her. I think he might of been wanting to taste what she had for breakfast!

And then the strangest thing happened. They stopped kissing, he ordered a blueberry muffin and then proceeded to explain how to play chess!

Now when I say explaining the rules of chess I mean he was really going for it in a big way using packets if sugar, empty cups and a half eaten muffin to illustrate how each piece moves. The lesson concluded with this quote:

"A good chess player will be able to think five moves ahead. I can only think two or three moves ahead."

Yeah, thinks I, and I bet that it isn't just limited to chess.


Ali said...

LOL! I wish someone would teach me how to play chess ;-)

KayMac said...