Tuesday 4 November 2008

Poor Girl

As I was going for coffee this evening I heard a clunk-and-crash coming from a lane way just off the main street I was walking along. As I got closer I saw young girl whose entire exhaust had just fallen off her car! I paused for a moment wondering how I could help, but seeing two people talking with her I kept on walking on the other side of the road.

When I arrived at the coffeehouse and placed my book on the table while I removed my coat I was struck by its title: Beyond the Good Samaritan.

I felt awful.


Ali said...

Although I'm not dissing the Good Samaritan (far from it), I love the 'random acts of kindness' idea whereby you just do something nice for anyone who doesn't necessarily have a problem at the time.

judysteapot said...

Ali - that's a wonderful thought
Marcus - you can't do everything you saw people talking with her buy a complete stranger a coffee next time you're out!! Judyx

Cosmo said...

Ali, you mean I can be redeemed?!

Judy, actually I did consider anonymously paying for the coffee and cake of the unhappy couple in an atempt to cheer them up. But I didn't!

Ali, I think I might have just missed out on any possible chance of redemption afterall.

Ali said...


Cosmo said...

Thanks Ali. I'll see what I can do tomorrow (Friday).

Did you take it any further since writing your post?

Ali said...

ummmm ... I've ordered the book from the library if that counts!!

Ali said...

I've been at it again ...


Cosmo said...

Thanks, Ali. And yet they keep building them here! I noticed another one being built in Blanchardstown shopping centre - that will be 5 all within the shopping complex area!

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