Monday 24 November 2008


My in-law family live in a small town in Ohio called Oxford, home of Miami University (not to be confused with University of Miami - which is in the part of the country that you would expect it to be).

I've always liked Oxford. It has a nice feel to it and, due to a high student population, a number of cool cafes. My wife provided me with the opportunity to escape for a few minutes so I headed uptown to get some coffee. I came across Kofenya (apparently Russian for coffee) which I hadn't noticed before, but has apparently been there for about five years. It's the kind of place that I would think of when I thought about a coffeehouse. Nice atmosphere without being dark and grungy, the buzz of conversation and the aroma of coffee that could be smelled before you entered the door.

Every other table had someone using a laptop (I really should get one - it would make blogging more fun), people were studying, listening to their ipods or just conversing. One woman was weaving bracelets and another couple of friends were talking about the difference between Christians and non-Christians. I wish I could have heard more of what they were saying - you don't get conversations like that much amongst college aged students in Dublin.

All-in-all it was just a cool place to hang out. Plus it was the sort of place that on a good day could make you feel younger than you are, but on a bad day could well have the opposite effect!

I hoping I can visit a couple of the other cafes in Oxford before I leave.


Ali said...

Cosmo, you are in America! Happy Thanksgiving :-)

RJ said...

Blessings to you, brother, as you hang out in the USA. If you make it to Mass - come and visit, please?

Wallace said...

Hope that you had a happy Thanksgiving in the USA

judysteapot said...

Have fun - wishing all the family a Happy Thanksgiving

Cosmo said...

Thanks for the greetings everyone!

I hope you all had either a good Thanksgiving or a good Thursday - or both!

jsi said...

I hope your visit was filled with fulfillment and love and more coffee than you can shake a stick at.
Did you finally have a sleeping and playing place for the little one?

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