Thursday 17 September 2009

Buzzing Along

Congratulations to Buzz the Bald Barista who has just won another award for his part in creating the Fixx blend of coffee which he uses in his store. He made a point of showing me the letter as I stood in the queue the other day. The espresso blend won a Gold Award at the Great Taste Awards 2009 - check out the amazing variety of foods and drinks that were judged on from producers in the UK and Ireland.

Added to that, earlier this summer Buzz opened a second store, this time solely for take-away. I like it. There is room for a couple of people to stand and chat (which I did), but what I really like is that he has opened on the doorstep of some big coffee chains in the Harcourt area of Dublin.

Good on yer, Buzz. I hope you can draw a good number of people across the road for coffee that is a little more exciting.

And added to all that, this evening I received a limited edition gift voucher to the Bald Barista!

Who's for coffee? I'm paying!


Snot Head said...

Aww..very nice! Congrats on your gift. :) I went to one of our local Buck today and got a tall decaf iced mocha and...I'm about to admit coffee blasphemy here, but...I threw it away not even half way into it.

Now, I digress, I like my chocolate. I am a chocolate fiend at times, but my first wrong decision was at the ice. It was not cold like I was hoping, it was luke warm. My second wrong decision was apparently at the mocha. The barista dropped the first mocha on the floor. That should have been sign enough that I should have changed my mind and gotten the Pumpkin Spice like I really wanted, but who really pays attention to signs anyway? Not me, apparently.

I came to find that my second wrong decision was in the mocha itself. You sea, I am used to the more mild blend of mocha at my hometown, solely owned coffee shop, know as Percfection Coffee House if you want to search it in Google. However, this Bucks blend was extrememly bold and the "mocha" was like ground up chalk. Beyond that, I have found that Starbucks, depending on the boldness of the drink, makes my stomach churn.

So, there's for my very...*cough*...pleasant evening at the Bucks. I just am not impressed with them in general. I have to say I am a much bigger fan of the solely owned places. You form a bond with a business when you watch it grow from the ground up, which my local shop did in all truth. They had recently buldozed an old grain bin on that lot in the middle of our little farm town. She bought it, put down a concrete slab, and literally built from the ground up. ;o)

Sorry to talk away like that. I just knew you might be the only person I know that would truly appreciate my Bucks complaint. Have a great night! Oh, and by the way, I didn't lose any money on that drink necessarily. I had a gift card as well. :)

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