Tuesday 22 September 2009

An Ethical Question

You know how when you're in a grocery store and you buy a bunch of grapes and you eat a couple before you get to the checkout so the bunch is lighter than when you first picked it up and therefore cheaper than it should have been which means you didn't really pay the full amount that you should have which means that technically you stole those two grapes.

Does the same apply to coffee beans?


Snot Head said...

You eat the coffee beans before you get to the counter?

haha, Sorry. I had to go there. I certainly think the same theory would apply to coffee beans. I spent a good portion of my day in which I was supposed to be working trying to hunt down The Perfect Capuccino, and all it did was leave me wishing you and I were neighbors because I cannot find it! I did however find the website for it and can order my very own copy for $20. When I am not so scant for money, I will do so.

I did get to watch the movie trailer, which has me eager to get my hands on. My local library couldn't even find it. I did manage to try my very first capuccino at my own local coffee shop. The foam was...well...lets be honest...awful. It was simply that, foam. It was thick and bubbly. The drink itself was inhibited by the bad foam because it was not creamy and velvety as I have been reading it should be. I also would have liked to try it in a porcelain cup, but my baristas don't seem to care if you are staying or going because everything goes in a paper cup!

Oh, woe is me...at least the flavor wasn't bad. I can't wait to start my own journey to find the perfect capuccino. :)

Cosmo said...

Woe is you, indeed!

You might find chewing on a couple of coffee beans helps!

(I'll try not to do that again until I've paid for them. I'll try.)