Tuesday 1 September 2009

A Coffee Resolution


Let's give this another go then.

Let's get blogging.

Over the last few years I've made little resolutions for the month of September. So this September...I'm going to blog about coffee. Everyday. Or at least Mon-Fri....

Let's begin with something negative, shall we?


Snot Head said...

Just curious...why does the month of September bring about resolutions for you? I am so excited to hear that you'll be blogging more often, though. Can't wait to hear about all the coffee goodness...and not so goodness I suppose!

Cosmo said...

Why wait 'till January to make a resolution? Alternatively, in January ease your mind by thinking, "I should do such-and-such...but I'll put it off 'till September".

Actually it's more to do with over the last few years my wife and I have tried to live a "no spend September" existence - only spending money on groceries, bills and charitable giving. No dvds, newspapers, pizzas, candy bars, lunch-out, etc. And no trips to cafes.

Ummm....I'm not taking part this year.
[Exit stage left, head hung in shame]

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