Monday 28 September 2009

Flat White Video

Needing to come up with something to blog about today I hit upon inspiration when I opened up a bags of beans that I recently picked up from Flat White cafe.

I know! I'll make a little video!

So here's my attempt at making The Flat White - an AUS/NZ classic.


Phiasmir said...

Hee hee! All the cranks and gurgles of espresso machines have filled me with equal parts fascination and hesitation, like the whole thing's going to explode at any second, giving me coffee-based powers. Or just break down. Classy vid, you even got the little heart thing goin'! :P

Snot Head said...

It looks great. I love the little heart...made with love. Is that your kitchen in the background? The tiles look very sort of retro/modern all in one. Love it!

Cosmo said...

Phiasmir, yeah, it's pretty noisey, but it's meant to do that - the grinder is even louder!

I've only been involved in two coffee explosions so far. One was with my sister's machine which was obviously getting old. I guess too much pressure built up around the group head (that's the bit where the water pours out) and the handle blew out of the machine! The other was not long after getting my own machine and after pouring a couple of nice espressos I set the full glasses on the top of the machine to keep warm. Then, reaching for a cup, I opened the cupboard door above the machine knocking the dark, thick, staining coffee everywhere. I mean everywhere, including (somehow!) up my nose. Now you know I love coffee, but drinking espresso up your nose just does not work. I certainly wouldn't recommend it for inducing super powers.

Snot Head, yes that's my kitchen....and those where my hands. After watching the video I wish I'd written something witty on the back of my hands. Kind of a coffee version of Chris Martin from Coldplay.

Snot Head said...

Well I figured they were your hands, but I guess its good to know. You should have written something. I don't know much about Coldplay, so I checked it out on Google. I'm up to speed now. lol Its actually a pretty powerful statement from the few lines I read about it.

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