Monday 14 September 2009

Mission Accomplished!

It has taken far longer than I thought and certainly longer than it should have, but today I brought to realisation a goal that I have been pursuing for over three and-a-half years. This morning I walked into a Starbucks store in Dublin's Docklands and said those now too familiar words, "I'll have a tall latte, please", thereby securing the crowning achievement of having a coffee in every Starbucks store in the Republic of Ireland.


Fair play to that last cafe. It tried to out wit me. For a long time I thought it was a double listing on the Starbucks store locator (like the one in Blackrock) so I hadn't been pursuing it. When I eventually discovered it existed it took three attempts to complete. On Saturday I couldn't find it. On Sunday it was closed. But this morning I made a major detour on my bike to a meeting in the city only to be able to spend about four minutes with my latte before I had to head off. But it was enough to get the task done!

I'll write more later this week about the whole experience.

*Big sigh* what?


Nick Coke said...

Congratulations! Now you won't have to endure the terrible coffee served in Starbucks.

Snot Head said...

Now it is simply time to move on into the states. Have fun trying to hit up every Bucks on your Christmas Holidays. ;o) At least it would be a longer lasting goal.

David said...

Congratulations!!!! this is amazing. You ought to notify Starbucks. this deserves some special recognition. A medal, a plaque, something. Awesome.

Yeah, what's next?

Phiasmir said...

Congrats dude! It was an honor to hear you proudly declare that in High School today,Nicoleymoley and I applauded heartily! Great to hear :D

Cosmo said...

Thanks everyone.

Nick, I must confess that did also buy some SB coffe beans to see what kind of result I could get at home!

Snot, it was hearing a story years ago about someone in the States doing this that got me started in the first place.

David, thanks, but I'm sure people deserve medals and plaques for things far more honourable than just drinking coffee. That said, I might just send an email...

Phiasmir, I gotta to be straight up with you. I was needing inspiration for the assembly this week and I thought getting this task done could provide a starting point for my thought for the day, thereby killing two birds with one stone! I did think that you guys would probably be out there somewhere this morning and would understand it more than most. Thanks for journeying.

Anonymous said...

I am very, very glad that's all over.

In the end, did you discover that they are all the same?

Was it worth it?

Seriously, was it?

Ali said...

You'll have to do the ones in 'da nort' now.

Cosmo said...

Well now, Anon. You should know the answer to those questions. You were with m at half of them!

Yes, the coffee was pretty much all the same - predictable and not very exciting - but the stores were all different. Some were quite nice, others were awful.

Was it worth it? Yes, of course. It was a goal I set and I achieved it. That always makes you feel good. Besides, it was a quirky little story you could tell people.

Ali, don't think that I haven't thought about that! The glory of counquering a whole island!

Phiasmir said...

It's funny, I was late in that morning and I was like: "Hmm, I should probably go to assembly, I always miss the good guest speakers when I don't go, who knows, maybe Marcus will be up there!"

I would have gone crazy had I missed that announcement! XD

Ali said...


'The glory of conquering the whole island!'

people have been failing that one for centuries!!

Cosmo said...

I thought you'd like that ;-)