Wednesday 9 September 2009

Hope I'll finish this book

Good grief, it's been over a year since I started reading Tom Wright's book Surprised by Hope. I'm not sure why I haven't finished it yet, but it might have something to do with the fact that there are currently at least 12 books sitting on top of a couple of bookshelves waiting to be finished - this probably says something about me as a person.

So this evening I armed myself with the book and headed out for coffee to make a determined effort to get it completed. (**Spoiler Alert!** The main character in this story doesn't actually finish reading the book by the end of the evening, but instead spends time talking to the barista and completing a double espresso and a very nice latte.)

The book explores the issue of Christ's resurrection and what that means for believers today...and in the future. It is far more than simply 'Jesus died and was raised again so that when we die we will be "raised again" to go to heaven.' The emphasis is on the resurrection as a sign of the new creation to come and how we make that future hope a reality in the way we live today.

I was particularly struck by these words to do with the creativity in the church in the light of new creation possibilities:

"Part of the role of the church has been in the past, and could and should be again, to foster and sustain lives of beauty and aesthetic meaning at every level, from music making in the village pub to drama in the local primary school, from artists' and photographers' workshops to still-life painting classes, from symphony concerts to driftwood sculptures. The church, because it is the family that believes in hope for new creation, should stand out in every town and village where new creativity bursts forth for the whole community, pointing to the hope which, like all beauty, always comes as a surprise."

It's good stuff and I kept reading on further for more inspiration. Though, I must confess, I didn't get to the end of the book this evening as I found myself chatting to the barista while I enjoyed some fine espresso and a latte.

Hmm, I wonder what a little creativity could do to the coffee-and-a-biscuit time after a Sunday morning church service?


Snot Head said...

Interesting. Unfortunately our church seems to be spiritually stagnant at the moment. I feel called to be here, but fear is holding me back from moving forward to revive this place. Fear, my lack of trust, and my pride I guess. Please pray for me. I have got to get my head together. Some day I would like to belong to a church that stood out.

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