Wednesday 23 September 2009

It's in the post

Last January a small group of us met in our home one Sunday morning for 'Brunch Church'. As part of our gathering we wrote down on cards various goals we would like to achieve by the end of the year - a movie I'd like to see; a way I'd like to develop my spiritual life; somewhere I'd like to visit, etc. etc. The cards were sealed in an envelope to be opened at a later date.

Last Sunday we opened the envelopes to review how we were doing. Hmmm. Some done, but more to be accomplished. Just as well there is still three months left of the year!

One of the tasks that was yet to be completed said on the card: "What is something meaningful you could do with €20?"

I can now cross that off my list.

Somebody will (in 3-5 business days) receive their own copy of The Perfect Cappuccino movie.



Snot Head said...

You are not serious!

I have the biggest smile on my face right now. I am completely caught off guard by this gesture of absolute selfless kindness to a near stranger...assuming I know who this near stranger is. ;o)

I really just don't know what to say. I feel very much that this is a "God" He planned something bigger all along, not to go completely spiritual on you...just seriously feeling very blessed recently.

Thank you, blog friend.

Cosmo said...


Think of it kinda like a coffee loyalty card. After a certain number of comments you get a free gift!

Anyway, I tend to find that what goes around comes around...

Snot Head said...

Well, I am certainly glad my commenting paid off. ;o) I will still loyally comment without expecting a thing, though. I was just telling my husband the other day how funny it was that I found your blog through a Google search one day when I should have been doing homework but was instead searching for a good recipe for a latte...A little too much time on my hands has lead to some very enlightening reads and that warm cozy feeling in my stomach...It has been really nice reading your thoughts and learning about coffee. It will be sad to have the end of the month come! haha I know you won't be done blogging, but it will go back to being not as often. ha! It is ok, though. It will make me savor the posts, in a way. Thanks for a great coffee filled month!!

Cosmo said...

I'll try and keep up more up to date - just not everyday...

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