Friday 11 September 2009

Coffee and a good nights sleep

When it comes to drinking coffee it is clear that people have differing levels of tolerance for caffeine. Some, like myself, are quite content to drink coffee at all hours without incurring adverse effects while others just stick to a morning jolt to get them going. I have heard people say, "I don't drink coffee after lunch as it would keep me up at night." I find this both bizarre and a cause for curiosity regarding what time they actually go to bed!

So, how do you strike a happy medium. What should a person do who enjoys coffee in the evening, but is worried about the consequences of caffeine? Tonight I attempted to create a solution.

I brewed up a double shot of espresso and steamed some milk in order to make a latte. Then I added a few spoonfuls of Horlicks to the hot milk before pouring the components together. I thereby created a cup of coffee that had the potential to both wake you up and help you to sleep.

The only problem was that it didn't taste very nice. It wasn't as shockingly horrific as my last experimental latte, but I couldn't face more than a few sips before pouring it away and making something far more satisfying.

That said, however, I suppose I could have just made decaff.

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Snot Head said...

I am one of those more prone to the affects of caffeine. I just keep a bag of decaf beans on hand in case I'm craving a late night cup. Or, if we are out and I want a nice hot latte, I just order decaf. I have enough trouble with racing thoughts as I'm trying to fall asleep. Caffeine just makes my legs twitch and vamps up my racing thoughts. haha