Thursday 3 September 2009

Living Coffee

Scanning across my (meagre) DVD collection this evening I was looking for something to watch which I would enjoy, but my wife almost certainly wouldn't. I wasn't being cruel. My wife was out for the evening.

Would it be Sunshine or Memento? Dark Knight, perhaps, or Prestige? Hmmm.....

Then it jumped out at me - Living Coffee. A tv series produced a couple of years ago for some food channel in Australia and hosted by former World Barista Champion Paul Bassett that covers everything you need to know to imerse yourself in the wonderful world of speciality coffee.

13 episodes. Over six hours of viewing. Awesome.

I like to think that Paul Bassett gave me my first lessons in making great coffees like Roger Taylor first taught me how to play the drums (albeit with two wooden spoons and an armchair).

Rock on!


Snot Head said...

Ok, so I need to ask this. Are you a barista for pay or just a barista at home? What you were doing sounds exactly like what my husband to be would do, except he watches slasher films. I am not into them at all...AT ALL. lol He only gets to watch them with friends or when I'm gone. ;o)

Cosmo said...

LOL! (or at least a mild exhalation through the nose if not actually laughing out loud.)

No, I'm not a professional barista. I'm not sure that I'd even call myself more than a semi-enthusiast home barista. I've just got into coffee over the years as a kind of hobby. I find it kind of fun to "pull shots".

I sometimes wonder whether I would like to work in a cafe, but I wouldn't want to have to fuss with the extras like sandwhiches and smoothies. That said, I'd love to have a go using a professional machine in a cafe (WINK, WINK - GUY FROM BALD BARISTA WHO ONCE READ MY BLOG!)